Hey you all wonderful women boro workers, this is a call to action!

I have been working with my friends Heidi and Elaine on a new and much improved version of our website. The new site will focus a lot more on the art of glass than anything else. We will go live in September. I have talked to Momka Peeva and we would like to roll out a showcase of ‘Women in Boro’ for the premiere. If you are interested in showing any of your work on our site, send it to us. My daughter Joanna will take photos of it and Heidi and Elaine will choose the images that are included on the new version of www.momkasglass.com. The art will be sent back to you and we will give you proper credit and link to your site. We need to receive your work before August 20th. Two pieces per participant. Thank you for all that you do!

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