10″ Solid Sample Pack


One 10″ stick of each of our solid colors. Cobalt Blue Blue Lightning Rainbow Blue Blue Reflection Silky Satin Blue Crystal Blue Blue Flambe’ Winter Sky Sunshine Yellow Exotic Citrus-Yellow Exotic Citrus-Grapefruit Lemon Yellow Luminous Yellow Sunset Orange Pumpkin Guacamole Sea Green Martini Olive Green Envy Ivy Green Silver Pine Green Dragon Pistachio (M) Green Flambe’ Sparkly Green Shimmering Blue Emerald Brisk Light Green Plum Harvest Silver Iris Violet Iris Black Rose Obsidian Alaska Night Silver Beach Light Purple Haze Silver Tears Almond Nugget Magic Mirror PurpleThunder Stormy Weather Silver flambe’ Yellow Pearl Aurora Borealis Violet Medley Cloud Whisper Pink Charles Brown Brown Glitter Cinnabar Carmen Red Cherry Brandy American Beauty Scarlet Pink


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