Women in Boro 2018 - Reyna Rivera


Women in Boro 2018 - Reyna Rivera

We are delighted to show you the work of Reyna Rivera. Here is a brief interview with her.

What made you choose glass and not some other art form? And boro especially…
I started working at a smoke shop, that’s where I first learned about borosilicate as an art medium and lamp working making pipes as an art form. First time I tried was working at that shop in 2010, it was instant love and I was addicted. It is so peaceful yet at times you get rushes of adrenaline as you are constantly trying to avoid a devastating break, burn, or cut. It takes all your focus and allows you to be able to just stare into the flame and get lost in your own thoughts. 

What’s up with the coconuts? Your work is… definitely tropical. Will you please tell us more about that? 
Before I knew how to make a pipe I knew I wanted to make a coconut drink water pipe. I wanted one and there weren’t any to buy. I love the idea of using a smoking device that doesn’t have to go with the standard clear water pipe, it looks pretty and serves a purpose. Of course I was inspired by the coconut water hype. 

You are a mom and an artist. Tell us more about how you manage to juggle all that?
Yes, I have a 1 and 2 year old and my hands are extremely full. My partner and mentor Ben Wilson is very supportive and is also a pipe maker so we are very grateful in being able to both work from home and co-parent. We are very fortunate to be able to do this and can’t thank our supporters enough.


There is a super cute bike pipe on your IG, will you please make more of these?
I would really love to , if only there were more hours in a day.

You made a chain with our Green Envy. Tell us more about that piece?
I love the green envy! It reminds me of such a classic almost antique like green glass. I made the chain so I could attach it to this glass cup I made that is accented with a green envy lip wrap as well. I loved the idea of a chain handle that was all. It was my second attempt at a glass chain and I can appreciate all the lessons the process teaches me.

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‘I can’t thank our supporters enough’

You can see more of Reyna’s work on Instagram @reynasays

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