The Temptation of KT Ehrlich


By Igor Peev, May 2017

I talked with KT a while back when we were considering going to Bulgaria for the International Biennale of Glass. I wanted to know more about why she chose the path of a boro artist and, in particular, why … robots? It seemed like an odd but intriguing combo to make circuit boards out of glass.

Here is what she had to say

“I like the temptation of glass. Not being able to touch a piece while you work on it. Not fully understanding it until it is in your hands. It’s rewarding to be the first person to finally touch your creation. Glass has a certain feel when it is taken out of the kiln. It is sterile. It has not yet been tainted by oil, sweat, or anything human.  

Glass is mesmerizing. Both in its liquid and solid state.   

My style started off with bright and bold colors. Then I transitioned into focusing on the robots. I wanted to make something fun that had personality. So each piece would be unique in it’s own way while still being able to play with my color choices. I also like to construct, so it was my way of being able to build larger pieces. The more I dive into it, the more I realize how much of a role electronics played in my growing up. My dad is a computer technician. I remember him soldering parts onto small circuit boards. He was always tearing apart computers and putting them together.

I studied to be an art educator in college. I think that helped give me the strong foundation for where I am with glass today. Within the last year I decided to quit my job in order to focus on glass as a full time career. My only regret is that I hadn’t done it sooner!”.

I had to read that twice and then again a couple of hours later. I continue to be impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication that radiates from artists who have devoted themselves to Boro. It is refreshing to interact and work side by side with people who are so immersed in their craft. That energy is contagious. It is a privilege…

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