Exotic Citrus-Grapefruit MB023

Exotic Citrus-Grapefruit MB023

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Gina Gaffner - "Exotic Grapefruit Citrus is so organic I am able to use it for many fruits and veggies. I currently use it for my grapefruit pieces and my beets. The color works great in all flame types. A high propane flame will bring out the grapefruit color the most".

“Works similar to Cloud in terms of its unique characteristics. It takes heat very well and can be worked with a nice range of tones depending on the level that you strike it through.

Likes to stay within the yellow and lights reds with slight amount of hazing over on the surface bringing fourth some beautiful blues and even greens on the surface. When worked with highly oxidizing flame, the color will melt clear and allow the rest to strike through better, working similarly to how you can get Purple Thunder to clear state and then strike it through its amber and purple. When worked in a reducing flame it will bring out the yellows more and make the red saturation a little more pale.” K. Korzinski

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